Q. Why is XViREnt in Stealth development mode?

A. We found that after the success of the Kickstarter campaign, the team was spending a lot of precious time, money, and effort in marketing efforts, communicating with media outlets, travelling to gaming conventions, travelling to meet investors around the world (from Toronto to China), etc.. We realized that we were taking away resources that were better spent on the infrastructure and development of the project. So an executive decision was made to cease all marketing efforts and focus entirely on development and design of the project, especially considering the grand scope and lofty goals we set for ourselves. We will continue to stealth develop (only occasionally showing concepts, renderings and talking about our progress publicly on our website, with approval of our Board of Directors), at this time, we are not accepting any requests for interviews or media statements until further notice.

Q. Can I join the private beta?

A. This one’s a tricky question to answer without giving up a big portion of our “secret” sauce. While we do have private beta testers who had to sign strict NDAs and Confidentiality Agreements, there’s still lots left to build, so while there are certain individual modules that can and have been tested over the past 6 years, the coherent whole is not there yet, so we don’t want this to cause frustration for the testers and have them quit once they’ve completed testing the individual modules. We would rather let a larger community join us once things are more coherent, and you can easily go from Module A to B to C, rather than downloading multiple clients and have a steep learning curve for each. That being said, if you are a Kickstarter backer or a land owner from one of the XViREnt Real Estate sales, then you do get placed in a priority waiting list to join in private beta sessions (usually done on certain weekends each month), you’re not guaranteed to get an invitation, but we will send you one along with NDA to sign if we feel the need to expand the testing efforts (for example, to do multiplayer load testing on a certain new Location that we’ve opened up). Sign up to our Newsletter if you’re interested in either being an XViREnt Land Lord, or a Beta Tester.

Q. What is this Kickstarter Campaign we keep hearing about?

A. A Kickstarter campaign was held in 2014 to raise initial funds to get started with the development of the project. While the campaign was successful in raising almost $10,000 CAD to start the project, it is a fraction of the current amount spent on development to date (which we were able to accomplish thanks to the backing of generous investors). At this stage, the project is heavily reliant on player backing in the form of purchasing in-game content and Real Estate, that’s what’s keeping the project going, and if you’re interested in taking part in supporting our project, we welcome you to be an early landlord of Real Estate in XViREnt, we’ll work on an automated Real Estate purchase and management interface in the near future, but for now, you can reserve your plots in one of our Player-Canvas enabled locations by contacting our team.