Player Canvas

A Player Canvas is where players make their forever homes in the Metaverse.

Living Room area in a player’s Canvas (in-game render).

Whether it’s an Apartment in one of the Metaverse city, or a Beach House in Avalon, or a Shack in the Wasteland. Whatever you choose. From there, they can manage their resource and operations across the Metaverse, and track or initiate missions for their chosen faction. Then when you’re back from a long day of exploring or adventuring, invite your friends over to your home to relax, play games together, or just admire the view.

Operations room, where players can track and manage their Metaverse assets, resources, research, manufacturing, vehicles, and missions (in-game render).

Although it is optional, we do support both normal PC Mode (as screenshots above show), or VR Mode (as below screenshot), we are working hard to make all HMD’s supported, but at release, we may start with just one or two HMDs (more details will be provided as development progresses). Note that in VR Mode, we reduce the quality and polygon counts to improve the framerate, otherwise it causes the experience to be unpleasant. Don’t expect XViREnt to be a game with the best graphics in the market comparable to AAA games; we emphasize playability, story, and player interaction over graphics.

Canvas - In Game Render
Player Canvas – Heads Up Display (VR Mode shown) – In Game Rendering

These are the current locations where players can purchase Real Estate (Land, Condos, Buildings, etc..)

Concept artwork of Metaverse Spheroid 0B3-R0N, an X-Class world and former colony of the Xient civilization. Full of ruins of ancient Xient cities and mysterious technological artifacts. Build your home in the confines of AMAN-protected Macro City, or take a chance and live in the wastelands.
Concept artwork of Metaverse Planet Avalon – an M-Class planet Full of lush forests, valleys, rivers, and oceans. Catch a glimpse of the auroras in the East Coast, or the views of the Nebula from the South Pole of the planet. Any Player Canvas here will be perfect, if you’re up for the challenge of facing the occasional feral beast, or ill-intending marauder.